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Our Vision

To become India's first choice vegetarian brand.

To take #IndiakaPizza to every corner of India.

To offer Quality product, quick service and best price to customer always.

Our Journey

We’re a group of friends & professionals who’ve been through the corporate & entrepreneurial grind. Eating at multiple fancy foreign brand outlets never satisfied our taste buds 100%. We felt something was missing and paying a whole lot of money from our pockets left us exhausted. Somehow, finding affordable food with a supreme quality seemed way harder than we had imagined.
Then we decided to take matters into our own hands. We realized that most of our friends face the same problems at their offices, homes & parties irrespective of whichever income levels they belonged to. Wherever you go, finding reasonably priced qualitative food was a HUGE problem. After months of research and sleepless nights, Cheelizza was born.

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